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Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
caught early" ((aains as live tag)"melanoma is tte most common form of cancer in you adulls.. and statistiis show across the united statessone person dies &pevery hour frrm melanoma. aa raaens stadiim kc fox 45 news at five." the orioles finnsh up their four gamm homestand againstt the blue jays tonight.with the yankeee by wo games in the a-l east. east.the other ig sports the n-f-l and the regular offics officials.bbuce cunninnham... live from the frienddy confines of camden ards with &pthe latest on these stories.. bruce. orroles-jays series finale... yankees won today..lead o's by 2 full games with 7 to playo's miguee gonzales vo rollcue..."anddthere's n... at his hour." it appearfs we could be nearing the end of tghe repllcement officials in the nfl..multtile ssurces are reporring an agreement is very close between the nfl andit's locked out officials...and could be announced at virtually any fact, some are suggesting they could be in place for this weekend.. thattprobably doesn't mean the regular refs will be in place the ravens host the browns... we continue to mont
Sep 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
would be. when hitler's troops came across the border, the austrian people went mad with adulation. it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to them. the german soldiers marching across lower their visors to protect their eyes and protect them against the flowers that were being thrown at them by the austrian people. the next day, hitler entered austria himself and then went to vienna. he spent the first night at a place called the imperial hotel. it was very alive in hitler's imagination. it was a live because you recall those days when he had been down and out in vienna and one night he had shoveled snow outside the imperial hotel. he said as he paced back and forth, that night in the hotel in 1938 come he talked about how miserable he had been on that night and how cold it had been. how the management had never even brought him a cup of coffee and how a number of the habsburgs had gone in and walked past him and he could still smell her perfume. and how much it had affected him. his feelings about vienna and austria were complex. some of the other things he did was to
Sep 12, 2012 12:30am EDT
that manyf urrviewers are adul. adts... but... in... west baltire.../ &pthere's... a... bunch of kids... who... news... as... well...// they... wanted us... to... say... átheirá... namess.. on t- v.../ buu... áthi... kid's... a pro../. he... doesn'' need ... ourá hp...// help...//:27 seeonds... seconds... 3 3 3 he... aw.../ politics.../ or... broaddasting...// 3 a hug could hurt this small businesownes bottom line. tteeconsvativee parlor.h against thipizza a seven dollar box of junk turns into a 100 thousand dollar ckpot. we'll show u the lost masterpiece one woman found ding among the garbage. a biker slams into a telephone pole. how he fiery crash. you know, i was once ed for small jobs. yeah, and i tk on all the bigger, tougheones. but now that mr.lean's got this new select-a-size mac eraser, i mean, he can take on y size job. look how easily he gets ings cleaned. it's enough toake you y. you, specifically. not me. i'm jt hay we don't go near rex's mobileome as often. because it's hard to clean or because yore scared of an itty-bty doggy? [ dog barks ] h! oh! [ clears throat ]
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
commercial and a little tap here, but the adulation of his base, particularly african-american -- that has not changed. after four tough years, obama now has a record to defend, and democrats are protective of their president. >> get them while they last. they are moving fast. >> mostly, they are here for a good time. with a sly dig at clint eastwood's of performance last week. they are still buying obama buttons in charlotte and helping the country will buy the message that only he can take them forward. >> that view from charlotte bringing today's show to a close. remember you can get updates on all our stories and events here at the national convention on our web site, and you can always get in touch with me and most of the team on twitter. from all of us here at "world news america," thanks for watching. >> makes sense of international news at >> funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to und
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Sep 3, 2012 8:00am PDT
. all this adulation. most of the stuff for reagan i was there for that. they weren't praising reagan for jellybeans. they were using jellybeans what a irrelevant personal person was. they savage nancy reagan wearing a red dress. whether negative or positive it is unhealthy fixation on one person. >> we agree with that. jon: this piece was not entirely adulation toward the president. most of it was about his self-adulation. one of the quotes from the article he may not always be as good as everything he thinks he is including politics. while mr. obama has given himself high grades for his tenure in the white house many voters don't agree citing everything from his handling to the economy and unfill filled pledge he would be able to unite washington to his claim he would achieve israeli-palestinian peace. this is a man who, well, thinks pretty highly of himself. i guess you expect that from somebody who holds highest office of the land. >> jon, a picture is worth a thousand words. that is him somewhere looking good. not talking about david plouffe getting money from iranian-backed comp
Sep 24, 2012 10:00pm EDT
turn up.... from adulls : http://www..outube.c om//aacc??==nnttrrggii<
Sep 4, 2012 2:00pm EDT
part of adulent, part of hp. this is actually a hewlett p hewlett-packard grandchild. >> and people don't care about cash flow until after the fact. >> since we've got you here, why don't we talk about netflix, it's tanking today. >> amazon came out and said they signed a deal for content with epics, netflix had had an exclusive deal with. the key word is competition. what competition is will either make or break the netflix store going forward. right now, it looks like it is breaking that story. today, we talk about amazon getting epics. a lot of talk about apple next getting epics. that means amazon prime and possible itunes customers have one less reason to use netflix. long time netflix bear tony put it best this morning and told me the next guys in the business do not need to make money. they can use this as a loss leader, like walmart selling dvds at a loss to get people into the store. netflix is collapsing margins by the way and they are collapsing tell the story today. >> and the stock reaction tells it as well? >> epics is part of viacom. >> i actually do not know who epix
Sep 27, 2012 3:00pm EDT
our culture today, we have to be the adul with t exact same characteristics. we have to believe in ourselves fept kids who believe this themselves. if we want kids willing to dare greatly and take risks where there are no guarantees, we have to be willing to do that. >> is this sort of a modern pou geratns you have the strong, silent man. in other cultures today that's more the sort of stoic particularly among men. is this more of a modern american phenomenon, or does this persist thrghout the ag >>. i think it persists throughout the ages. what's interesting is in 12 years of data i have not found moral courage, leadership courage, relationship courage, not a single example of courage that was not underpind by deep me vulnerability is simply defined as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. it's putting ourselves out there. it's saying i love you first. it's srting a new business. it's talking -- you know, supporting our child who wants to desperately mak first chair in the bnddi t school saying, good luck and knowing that's probably not going to happen. if we want to be brave
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
prices? &, coming up ... from kids books... to adull &pnovels.the x-rated toppcs brought up... in j-k awling's new book. and reese witherspoon welcomes a baby boy.we'll tell you whicc ástateá... he shares a name're watching fox &5 morning news.. all local.. all mmrning. ((break 7)) excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. ((bump in)) in this morning's lowdownn.. a new booo by harry potter in stores.buttunlike the "harry potterr series... ttis adults.itts her first full- length work ssnce the series came out 5 years ago.the novvl is titled "a cassal vacancy"... anddit's about the deeth of a local- government includee references tt drugs and sex. and so farr.. it's receivvng mixxd reviews from critics. it's a boy for reese the actress welcomee her third child... who she named "tennessee james."both are said to be doing wwll. this is witherspoon's first child with her husband, jim toth. she has two children... ava and deacon... from a previius marriage. the fox show fringe rettrns tonight.they aren't m
Sep 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, you know i have nothing but adulation for your business acumen and your political analysis. but how do you sell a car for $40,000 and lose 49 grand on each car and stay in business, mr. lutz? i don't get it. >> who do you believe? reuters or me? >> they quoted first rate analysts, they really did. >> what the analyst did was took the total investment spent on the volt which was north of half a billion dollars and divided it by the number of volts produced so far. that's like a guy who buildses a $10 million office building, has rental income of $1 million in the first year, and then the analyst says he's lost $9 million on the investment. >> yeah. but we know the building. we know the building is going to be up for a while. i don't know that the volt will be around for a while. >> no, the depreciation and amortization on the volt will be over the lifetime of the volt. i've seen the next generation. the volt is doing just fine. read my blog i posted this afternoon. >> i read it with great interest. i want to ask you this. >> i think it's at break even now. >> i read this w
Sep 7, 2012 6:00am EDT
inn oceanfront. filmmmkers are looking for kids and adulls for smalllroles... as well as girlssages 15 too18 to play the lead sister. 3&to eserve a time ssot... you can find aa email address on our website.just go to fox bbltimore dot com slash mmrning. baltimore's ironman... like you've never seen him!thousands gatherrd before ast night's game ripken's statue unveiled. the sculpture will be the 5-th of 6 staaues unveiled as a part of the orioles leggnd's celebration series. 3&(3:59) we celebrate success and we ultimately........oriole 3way.... way....a statue of hall of famer 3-rd baseman "brooks robinson" will be unveiled at 3 3 33 it is the first purple friday of the year, and the ravees carrvan is back. back. he mascot, the weaving their way through the and joel d. smith is at their first stop... the cancun cantina to tell us why it's not just about purple his time.good morning joel d. 3 3 coming up... call them the luckiest kidd... in all of maryland.where students are being told... they'll never have homework &pagain.and what they're being asked to do áinstead.á and animals.
Sep 27, 2012 7:00am EDT
to when she starts to write for adults? so many better books for people who really do write for adull to us read? is it worth reading if you covered the name and a pen name on it? >> national "casual vacancy" or "50 shades"? >> a good question. every good chance. like michael jordan went off to play baseball. she knows how to tell a story, method today cal if the in the way she constructs things, never a moment in this book you think she has completely lost the thread here. >> if written by somebody else, would you recommend it? >> i would. just a very solidly told story. >> malcolm jones, culture writer, "newsweek," the daily beast, nice to see you. >>> ahead on "starting point" seen the presidential candidates make the rounds on letterman, len mind "the view." are these shows just fluff or good strategy. leno and "the view." ♪ na, na... ♪ na, na-na, na [ men ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ goodbye [ flushing ] ♪ [ both ] ♪ na, na... [ woman ] ♪ na, na-na, na [ men ] ♪ hey, hey, hey ♪ good-bye [ male announcer ] with kohler's powerful, high-efficiency toilets. flush. and done.
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
-- snacks and that will mean healthier adulls. they are saying the expanding waist line affecting national security according to the study. dave? >> thank you, rene. >>> a lot of americans are looking for the fastest way to lose weight. this center for weight loss in novato advertises the lipo-tron that eliminates body fat. the fda says it's not safe. a state complaint has been filed against the center and the doctor because they say the device can cause burns and reported electric shocks to the patient. >> it is inexplicable that this remains on the market. >> people come to me because they know i will use the research. >> activists say if it sounds too grued to be true, it probably is -- if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. >>> 8:19. palo alto voters will decide whether to allow pot clubs in their city. measure c is on the november 6th ballot. if approved up to three marijuana dispensaries could open for business. but they could not be near schools, libraries or rehab centers. however, it could set up in some of the more city's upscale shopping districts. and more m
Sep 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
say one thing, the unadulterated adulation coming from the -- is just amazing. i can't understand why there's not one bit of political diversity there. and one lady charged that whites were wanted to elect a white congress or wanted to throw obama out because he was black. every black caller seems to idolize this man. so i don't want to sound like i'm on one side of or the other, because there are so many black people in the legislation and in the judicial system that the conservatives that i think we're very well suited. i think it's between entitlement collectors and the people who actually pay taxes. >> comment from george. josh greenman writes in "the new york daily news" this morning, mr. president, show us how life will get better. he writes democrats need to hug small business as hard as the republicans did. offering up a vivid picture. a healthy chunk of the convention should be dedicated to a defense of health care reform. democrats can't look ashamed of obama's central legislative victory from "the new york daily news." another comment as well in the daily news entitled
Sep 6, 2012 6:00am EDT
came out the right time for this kind of like fascination and this world adulation. somebody else? >> you spoke about ruth elder, and at the beginning you said there were a number of women that tried this. >> well, there was an english woman who was royalty, who flew across from england, trying to make it to the united states. she disappeared. she was not as the flying princess, princess lowenstein something. you have to remember, when i start researching a new book a lot of the old details start to go away, so forgive me. but the other one who was really fascinating was the niece of woodrow wilson. she was a new yorker. her name was frances grayson. and she flew, tried to fly across in december, and everybody was telling her, this is suicidal. the ice is going to form on your wings. you're going to be dead. and she wouldn't listen. and she had several kind of like mini revolts within her crew, and the day that she left, she was going to fly up to newfoundland, service for engine, and then fly across. a day that she left a reporter saw her slip a gun into her purse, or her backpac
Sep 17, 2012 9:00am EDT
ffnds kids eat as much salt as adulls. that's about 1-thousand milligrams more than they should. the recommended daill sodium intake for kids and adults... is no more than 1 teaspoon a resull... 15-percent of the kids studied had high blood pressure. it's been a deadlyyyear already for many inffcted with thh swine flu and west nile virus. so with the traditional flu season now upon us.... will you be asked to take more shots? shots? joel d. smith is live at a minute-clinic in towson to find out. good morning joel d. 3 -3 3 3 3 3 a two year old gets behind the wheel... and his parents video thing.hes the designated driver next time i get drunk. giovanni was posted on his parents' facebook the video the father ... who is a marine... lets his son.. who steer the car as other vehicles zoom by.the family has ince apologizee and says giovanni won't be behind the steering wheel anytime soon. they're some of the best dancers in the country.. and they're coming to baltimore. baltimore.sytycd performance nas nats your chance to win tickets to the "so you think you can dance" l
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)